Super 8 Wedding Films Belfast Northern Ireland

Simon & Rachel

B&W Super 8 Engagement Film

Film looks like how we dream, has a beautiful natural warmth and grain that brings images to life. I believe your wedding day deserves to be preserved and presented in a format that feels like a memory and looks like love.

Why Super 8 Film?

Well, I feel that your wedding day is an incredibly unique moment in life that deserves to be captured in an equally special way. Physical Super 8 film has a beautiful, natural glow that subvert the sometimes artificial modern HD look. Super 8 and all its little imperfections capture life in a wonderfully truthful and nostalgic way.

It’s about creating memories that last and best tell your story. The idea that many years from now, someone could find your wedding film captured on a Super 8 film reel and relive that moment in time is exciting.

Ryan Richards is a wedding photographer & wedding videographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.